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Glorious Leader

Glorious Leader is the solo project of American musician Kyle Woolard. Written and recorded in his home in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, the music is an attempt at uncompromising honesty. It is a celebration of humanity, of the far north, of the infinite shades between joy and sorrow, of wood stoves and whiteouts. The music is a reflection of the Northeast Kingdom — an aural representation of its slender dirt roads, sparkling lakes, peeling wooden farmsteads, maple sugaring houses, cold wilderness, warm people, and dark winter nights.

Having debuted with 'My Kingdom' in January 2020, Glorious Leader released his sophomore EP 'Glorious Leader & The Analog Cabin Mystery' on March 31, 2021. Recorded entirely during quarantine, this EP was the result of Glorious Leader's European tour being canceled by COVID. It is a journey centered around the meaning of home and our complex relationships with it.

Glorious Leader: How I Made my First Million is due for release in the spring of 2024. Recorded partly in The Analog Cabin and partly at E7 studios in Reykjavik, Iceland, this EP ventures further and feels at home in the Pop category of a record store.

“…an astonishing breath of fresh air within today’s global folk and indie scene.” - The Vinyl District

“[Makes] music like no one else in the world.” - Impose Magazine

"Intricate, angelic, slightly off-kilter folk-pop."

                                                             - County Tracks

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